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  • Why do you need a bridge?
    • Missing tooth /teeth

  • Advantages
    • It is cemented onto the adjacent teeth so it is fixed. Unlike partials, you donít remove it every night for cleaning.
    • Restores facial profile.
    • Replacement for nothing.
    • Restores speech.

  • Disadvantages
    • Like a crowned tooth, bridges are still susceptible to decay and if it does occur, you will need a new bridge.
    • Bridges are also susceptible to normal wear and will need to be recemented or replaced in the future.
    • This procedure requires at least 2 appointments.

  • Alternatives
    • Composite (or white) fillings
    • Inlay/onlay or crown
      • Implant(s).
      • Partials when too many teeth need to be replaced.
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