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  • Why do you need a crown?
    • Your tooth has a large amount of decay
    • You have fractured your tooth
    • You have existing large fillings
    • What is a crown?

  • What is a Crown?
    • A crown restores the shape and size of your tooth. The dentist removes enough tooth structure around and on top, and takes an impression of the prepared tooth. The lab makes the crown so that is fits right over the tooth.

  • Advantages
    • Crowns are stronger and more durable because they are fabricated in a laboratory.
    • Crowns provide more strength by encompassing the entire circumference of the tooth, 360 degrees.
    • Can prevent future fractures on teeth with large amalgam or composite restorations. Teeth that are badly decayed or have a large filling can fracture to a point where more procedures are needed to save the tooth; a root canal may be needed or sometimes the fracture is too extensive that the tooth may need to be pulled, requiring the expense of a bridge or implant to replace the extracted tooth.

  • Disadvantages
    • A crowned tooth is still susceptible to decay and if it does occur, you will need a new crown
    • Crowns are susceptible to everyday wear and will need to be re-cemented or replaced in the future.
    • This procedure requires at least 2 appointments

  • Alternatives
    • If the tooth is badly decayed or fractured, it may be a better option to have it extracted and replaced with a bridge or implant.
    • If the decay is too large for an amalgam or composite fill, but not extensive for a crown, the better option may be a gold or ceramic inlay/onlay.


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